A pogo pin or spring-loaded pin is a sort of electrical connector mechanism that is used in lots of cutting-edge digital applications and within the electronics testing enterprise.  it has been used for advanced durability over other electric contacts, and the resilience of electrical connection to mechanical shock and vibration. The name pogo pin comes from the pin’s resemblance to a pogo stick – the incorporated helical spring within the pin applies a regular ordinary pressure against the back of the mating receptacle or touch plate, counteracting any undesirable movement which would possibly otherwise cause an intermittent connection. This helical spring makes pogo pins precise, on the grounds that maximum other forms of pin mechanisms use a cantilever spring or expansion sleeve. Spring-loaded pins are manufactured with a turning manner which does not require a mold, consequently allowing the manufacturing of smaller quantities at a lower value.

Structure of Pogo Pin

A simple spring-loaded pin includes 3 primary elements: a plunger, barrel, and spring. While pressure is applied to the pin, the spring is compressed and the plunger actions within the barrel.

Pogo Pin manufacturer


The plunger and barrel of pogo pins normally use brass or copper as a base fabric on which a skinny layer of nickel is carried out. As commonplace in electrical connectors, producers frequently follow gold plating that improves the sturdiness and contact resistance.

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