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Follow the Lee Hnetinka Twitter account today

You must know the very popular personality called Lee hnetinka, who is the co-founder of one of the notable platform called Darkstore. Well this darkstore is the delivery service platform which enabled all brick and mortar shops to deliver their products at their customer stores within less time or in an hour. If you will follow the Lee Hnetinka Twitter, you will keep on getting daily updates and other details time to time. Lee posts even the small changes or updates on his account. He even have a long list of followers which makes him more popular all over the world.

Recently, one update came up as the API integration between the Darkstore and UberRUSH which unlocked the compelling delivery experience for all e-commerce brands. Earlier, the merchants of e-commerce brands were unable to offer the on demand delivery services to customers due to their position being the mortar and brick stores. But the darkstore changed it entirely. This is only because of the hard work and skills of Lee Hnetinka. You must follow Lee Hnetinka Twitter account. With his capabilities, darkstore enabled itself for all ecommerce brands for storing their physical inventories in any of the local fulfillment centers.

The darkstore works to provide the on demand delivery services to all its rich customers. It is now working with the UberRush. Such services from the darkstore are available from San Francisco and New York City. You can also know on LeeHnetinka Twitter account as how the Darkstore actually works,

  • The brand merchants or retailers with the physical inventories have to request the access for sending the inventories to one of their dark stores.
  • Once inventories get received, brand merchant connects to API of UberRush through darkstore for automatically fulfilling the customer orders
  • Once API integration get activated, brand merchant provide the great purchasing experience to all customers in the city with their service of on-demand deliveries
  • All the orders of future customer also get fulfilled by the darkstore in less time and delivered by them within one hour

Follow the Lee Hnetinka Twitter which lists that Darkstore is the best service platform which offers the fast deliveries at less prices. It has even lead to the higher customer satisfaction. For more details, follow his twitter account as well the darkstore twitter account. With the tech based service, everything is handy now.


Planning to outsource housecleaning task? Here are some tips for you

Cleaning a house can prove to be a time-consuming procedure and requires a lot of energy as well. Individuals who spend most of the time away from the house due to professional life may find it difficult to manage day-to-day cleaning. Thus, hiring cleaning staff can prove to be the best option for such people. Here are some tips that can help in selecting the right service provider.

Be precise when it comes to discussing requirements

Before calling the cleaning service provider, decide about the number of rooms that you want the cleaner to work on. If you wish the person to focus more on cleaning windows, ventilation shaft and other areas, make sure that you mention the same when you call the firm to discuss your requirements. This will ensure that the company would send necessary equipment required to clean windows or other things in the house.

Planning to outsource housecleaning task Here are some tips for you

Keep your cleaning equipment ready

Some service providers charge you over and above for carrying tools. So, if you have set of all the necessary tools, mention the same while getting a quote from cleaning services edmonton. Keep all the tools ready before the cleaning staff arrives each day. It’s always better to ask cleaners to use your equipment because it’s possible that their cleaning tools might actually bring contaminants from outside.

Make a checklist

People often complain about how their cleaning staff starts taking shortcuts by not cleaning certain corners in the house after a few days. The best way is to create a checklist and going in each and every part of the house to check if the cleaner has performed his duty rightly or not. You should tick mark on the list after checking the condition of the room so that you can ensure if the necessary work has been done on a daily basis or not. Usually, even the cleaner carries such checklist with him/her. If you do not wish to create a different list, just ask the person to share its copy with you for the records.

Opt for a firm that has its own workforce

Some companies have their own well-trained staff to perform cleaning activities. On the other hand, some cleaning service providers send contractual workers at cleaning sites.

Ask the company if the staff working for them is on contract. If they are contractual employees, make sure that the company has verified their credentials property. They should also offer insurance coverage for damages caused by employees while cleaning.

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