Drinking gamesBeer pong is a very simple yet enjoyable game. There are two teams; each group sets up 6 to 10 cups at a triangle formation on their side of a desk. Each of the cups must be full of liquid roughly 1/4 high. Even though the game comprises the phrase beer, it is not required that anyone really drink any alcohol.  Sounds pretty simple right? Well in Practice, a beer pong game is seldom this simple. We have just gone over the bare essentials that are pertinent to each game, now we will discuss a few of the optional rules which produce the game so distinctive from location to location.

When Bouncing is in play, a player can bounce the ball off the table and into the cup. If the cup is successfully struck, that cup and another cup have to be removed from the table. The disadvantage to bouncing is that when the ball touches the table, its fair game and can be swatted from the opposing team. It is ideal to only use the bounce maneuver when you are positive your opponents are not paying attention because it will just be a waste of a shot. You cannot win the match on a dip, so if there are two cups you dip it just counts as one cup. If there’s 1 cup and you bounce it does not count.

Redemption is very popular Рthis Fun drinking games for 2 Rule is nearly always in play. If all your cups are struck, you still have an opportunity to win. By winning salvation, you may send the game into a 3 cup. Redemption is a shoot until you miss shot. If there are 3 cups left when your last cup is struck, and you hit all 3 cups in a row in your salvation, you will send the game into overtime. Over the years is played with 3 cups on each side in a triangle formation, standard rules apply.

Catching is a rare but enjoyable rule. If a Ball is thrown beyond the other edge of the table and hits nothing, the opposing team can catch the ball that compels the throwing team to get rid of a cup out of their side. The ball must be caught with one hand and it has to be a clean catch, no fumbling around for the ball. This is an excellent rule as it keeps the games interesting.