Latin America North League of Legends Account

If you are a novice who plays League of Legends on a regular basis, you might have noticed that sometimes it’s just not that fun for you. You have to do lots of boring things to get to the level you need to unlock missions and other fun things. Here is when you might consider getting a leveled LOL LAN account at It will save you your time and bring joy to your gaming experience.

No worries: every account is hand-leveled with the help of real players. We don’t share bot accounts.

Gamestore offers you a very nice deal. With the LAN LOL account, you won’t have to waste any time, riot points, skins or champions. You’ll just get the amazing gaming experience you’ve wanted from the beginning.

Why Should You Buy a LOL LAN Account at Gamestore?

Latin America North League of Legends Account

Here are several benefits of purchasing a pre-made account:

  • it saves your time so you don’t need to neglect your other favorite things in life to get to the desired level;
  • you’ll get some rare skins with our account;
  • an account with a higher rank has more interesting challenges for you to select from;
  • you can get an
  • account located in your country so you will be able to bond with others in the game;
  • with us, you don’t have to re-start the entire game from the beginning if the access is lost or you get banned. You can just get to the desired level and play for fun.

Leveled Account Risks

Latin America North League of Legends Account

There are some risks connected to purchasing a leveled account from questionable sources:

  • you can get banned. However, not a single one of our leveled accounts has ever been banned;
  • you can lose access to your account. Rest assured that Gamestore doesn’t change any access information after your purchase.

We’ve been on a market for many years and we value every customer. We offer you safety, great customer support, reliability, special offers, great quality, instant delivery, and many things more.