best time to meditateThe best time to meditate is usually reported to be first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning being the hour before sunrise. For those folks who do not reside in a monastery it is a fairly big ask. That those people who do not reside in a monastery and have young kids it is simply not going to happen. The reason that this hour is defined as the best time to meditate is likely not applicable to the majority of us. The rationale is, because most individuals are asleep at this time the psychic space of the collective consciousness is not busy with their own thoughts.

But are any of us so sensitive that we would actually see the difference. I think not. We must bear in mind that these directions on religious practice were written down a lengthy time ago. Before the advent of power most people’s daily rhythms were considerably more attuned to nature. Meaning they tended to get up with the sun and go to bed not long after it went down. Considering then these things, and the many varied demands on our time, let us reconsider pre sunrise as the best time to meditate. Personally, I do not think it really matters, but there are various factors to take under account. Those people who are new to meditation what is important are consistency. It follows that the time of day you meditate should be a time in the day once you always can meditate.

Those who practice yoga asana, good time to meditate will be immediately after completing your practice. There are those that believe that yoga asana practice is primarily a preparation and meditation. For one thing yoga asana practice opens the body and allows a quicker flow of energy. It is then softens and opens our understanding. By this I mean that we become more present in consciousness, and not as caught up in the chatter of the mind. Yoga asana, when performed properly directs our awareness to the body, into a more direct and kinesthetic experience of ourselves. Therefore, yoga asana is in itself a kind of meditation.

Another factor to consider at the best time of day to meditate is the sort of meditation to be practiced. If the practice entails a dynamic activation of your energy system it is really not a great idea to do it at night. These sort of meditation it is a definitely more suitable to do in the daytime. In conclusion I feel the most important element in deciding the best time of day to practice meditation, is when the time that it works best is. If during your meditation practice you are not really yet awake, or conversely are too tired, it is not the best time to be meditating. Equally if your time feels pressure and you are attempting to squeeze meditation in, it is not likely to be very satisfactory.